What is Fresh Start About?
We are all about fun, family & community. We are proud to serve you.

About Fresh Start

Fresh Start is Different

Fresh Start Convenience stores is a family owned and operated company that started in 2005 with one store. Over the years, the company has grown to 29 stores across South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Our convenience stores vary in size from small locations to large truckstops with a full selection of store products. We have many locations with car washes, liquor stores, and casinos. In addition to convenience stores, we also have a grocery store, three coffee shops, and an automotive repair and towing shop.

29 Stores Serving Our Neighbors

We have 29 stores throughout South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. Our convenience stores vary in size from very small locations to large truckstops with a full selection of store products. We have many locations with car washes. "Brewster" is our liquor mascot for all of our liquor stores. 

We Love Our Employees

At Fresh Start, employees are always the key to success. We pride ourselves on the long tenure of many of our employees. Our newly created Fresh Start University helps ensure quality training that ensures a fun and successful environment.

We Love Our Communities

Our goal is to serve our communities, both through the service we provide in our stores and the support we provide through our donations programs; for more information see our Good Deeds page.

Quality Fuel for the Long Haul

We sell unleaded gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel at all of our locations. Our Martin Trucks stop sells "Ag Fuel" diesel in bulk to farms and ranches in rural South Dakota.

House Charge Accounts

We now offer a House Charge card system available at all of our locations that saves you 10 cents per gallon each time you fill. Please go to our Charge Card page for more information.

We also have Loyalty Clubs at every store and a “20 for 20” program that helps you save on gas based on your purchases. For more information, see the Fresh Club page.

Fresh Start Values

As a family owned business we value:

Fresh Start is committed to service. We're the last to close and the first to open, providing our guests with fuel, food & other necessities.
We are committed to building the communities we serve through local employment and a strong and active local presence.
We care deeply that our guests, our Team Members and our business partners should always be treated with honesty and respect.
We believe in pursuing success and are always striving to improve what we offer and how we deliver it to our guests.
We strive to be a quality employer of quality people and are committed to their well-being and career development.
We are dedicated to providing competitively-priced quality products and quick, friendly service to our guests in clean and safe stores.

Find Your Fresh Start

We have 29 stores serving our neighbors in Nebraska, South Dakota & Wyoming.

Fresh Start Club

Text FRSHCLUB to 85700 to start earning rewards at Fresh Start stores.

Red Rooster Foundation

At Fresh Start we believe in giving back! Learn how to participate.